• No, we are not going to add a forum, ever. Fuck forums.
  • You'll be able to upload and edit galleries soon.


  • Unlimited favorites.
  • Tag blacklisting.
  • Three gorgeous themes: light, blue, and black.


  • Search terms are combined using AND. For example, big breasts finds all galleries matching big and breasts.
  • You can exclude terms by prefixing them with -. For example, big breasts -lolicon matches all galleries matching big and breasts but not lolicon.
  • Exact searches can be performed by wrapping terms in double quotes. For example, "big breasts" only matches galleries with "big breasts" somewhere in the title or in tags.
  • These can be combined with tag namespaces for finer control over the query: parodies:railgun -tag:"big breasts".

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